New Year, New #FABLatinos

Today is the first official start of 2017 for #FABLatinos!

We didn't want to start the year without a concrete design & vision going forward. Our new design symbolizes everything we want our group to embody. We played around with the box shape but wanted to keep it open because we are all about inclusion, the letters are close & connected the way the group is, but also original and unlike any other group. 

Our goal for our website this year is to bring valuable information you need to create or grow you social media presence as well as blog traffic. This year we will also start collaborating with brands as a group, and also be offering exclusive partnerships to our influencers.  

We're so excited to finally start our year, and hope you are too!

Remember to use #FABLatinos on social media so we can repost your FAB pictures. 

Do you know anyone that would be the perfect fit for our group? Send them here!